Freezing on Xbox One X

I know everyone doesn't have the same experience, but I also have to wonder how much of that issue is being exaggerated by the community. Or perhaps people experiencing the worst of it might also have problems with their console and/or internet. I don't want to dismiss anyone's technical issues with the game on XB1X, or diminish them, and I can only speak of my own experience.

I honestly don't have any major technical problems with the game on my XB1X, which is about 2.5 years old at this point (well ventilated and cleaned regularly). There were a fair amount if crashes a bit after BL3 launched, plus the shutting down when joining people issue, but since some of the patches and using the workaround for the shutdown issue, I rarely ever run into either problem (so rare that it practically never happens to me). If it matters, I have almost 650 hours of gameplay time, just to show that it I'm not speaking from a small sample size, time-wise.

All this just makes me wonder how widespread technical issues in the game on the XB1X really are, ya know? I would kind have expect Gearbox to have directly acknowledged it, if it's a hugely rampant problem. The game definitely does need optimization either way, but considering the age of the hardware I wonder if that will happen. I am interested to see how BL3 runs on the XBox Series X in about a month, because that might help determine if the problem is more with the soon-to-be last gen consoles or not.

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