FYI - A lot of the "sexuality-related" changes happening in WoW are driven by regular designers and developers, not the company's senior leaders

Woke corporate losers are completely out of touch with reality. Where they are on the ladder doesn't matter.

A painting in the castle of a morally dark fictional character denotes his morals, not the company's. Same with drugs and concubines in a blood elf place. Or murdering innocent women (there should have been children too tbh) in the death knight opening. Or dark iron and Naga slavemasters. Azeroth really do be like that sometimes.

Meanwhile we can make a level 1 night elf female, get naked, and dance like a stripper. Or go outside where our society (especially feminists and their cohorts) completely encourages women to objectify and sexualize themselves. They don't have a leg to stand on, ethically or logically. Especially the Californians.

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