Hi Anthony. Thank you for doing this AMA and congratulations on 100 TACS'. I am a relatively new listener, having started following your "work" since the Trayvon Martin Trial. I found your analysis of that situation and the more recent high profile incidents in the United States very fascinating. Your mixture of humor and statistical rationality is refreshing as I firmly believe that emotion has trumped logic in the national debate on such issues. As a political science major, I have also been impressed with your general understanding of various geopolitical issues. Even though your take on those issues could be more nuanced, the overall conclusion you come to is generally spot on. Aside from the above, it is no secret that you have a reputation within the comedic community as an incredibly funny personality. Going through the archives of various OandA shows is a treat and as many in your industry have said, your quick wit is legendary, and comes through on both the radio and on television. I stopped counting how many times I found myself laughing out loud both during a clip, and after just thinking about it. I firmly believe you should be given a "daily show" type broadcast for a national audience. Lastly, I have to mention that your level of engagement and (to the best of my knowledge) honesty towards both supporters and detractors is incredibly refreshing. The impression that you give off as putting your real personality through during your broadcasts is appreciated. Here is a list of questions I have for you. Even though I will assume that you cannot answer some of them, I encourage you to take a stab at it: The Anthony Cumia show: Many viewers of TACS strongly believe that your show will excel with more consistent and prominent guests. One of the ways to do this would be through a NYC studio. Is this something that you are seriously considering and what would be the time frame on that? You are at your best when you are "riffing" with other people. Do you want a regular co-host, or a rolling selection of guests. If its the former, who would be your ideal choice for a co-host? At what levels was the cringe meter in the room during Sean Bergin's appearance with the stripper? Off the charts are sky high? You seemed to have cut back on the beers during broadcasts, what is the reason behind this? Race issues have been at the forefront in current events, at which point does it become tedious and repetitive for you to discuss it? What has been your favorite show out of the last 100? Who is a guest that you most want on? You seemed to have finally discovered skype after all these months, will this become a regular part of the show and would you consider taking skype calls from listeners? How are subscription numbers, particularly in relation to whether the show is sustainable and will continue forward. Have there been any guests that have refused to come on that you have been genuinely disappointed by? The TACS platform is ideal to start a TACS Network. Who are you considering having solo shows on the platform. The subscription model was a risky one to take, but a natural one considering your supporters. From the business side of things how do you plan on growing the viewer base to those that are un aware of your past work, and would be hesitant to pay for content that they are un aware of? After being on the biggest podcasts in the industry recently, each having their own distinct feel and format, which one has been the most fun personally, and which one has most impressed/given you creative direction in terms of how to evolve TACS. You are a semi regular presence on the TACS/OandA subreddit. Do you and your team follow the feedback you receive about the show, and how has this free and unfiltered tool been useful to you in evolving the show? Opie and Anthony/ "The Incident" You and Patrice O'neal were good friends and had some of the most legendary segments together in the history of the medium. How do you think he would have reacted to the events of last July? The popular opinion is that the last few months of O and A were becoming stale. Although shows like that have ebbs and flows, do you think that your departure from SXM was a blessing in disguise creatively for you? Joe Derosa is afraid to hangout with you because he is scared of offending certain segments of his friends. How many times was Joe Derosa dropped on the head as an infant, and is his mental retardation something that can be fixed, or should he just be put out on in the middle of the forest with raw steaks shoved in his pockets? Your relationship with Opie can be dissected more by what is not said then what is said by both parties. The impression I get is that there is a certain level of animosity, but the relationship is kept cordial. How accurate is this? Jim Norton and you have some of the best comedic chemistry ever seen and are good friends. Was there an offer made to him to join TACS at the beginning, or did you just want to try to go out on your own. How difficult is it to get you and Opie in the same room? Or would it just feel like seeing an ex girlfriend/wife that you have been finally freed from. Your departure from OandA clearly showcased how you were the heart and soul/meat and potatoes of the show. How personally gratifying is to you knowing that your work was so vital to the success of that show. What is your opinion on the status of the Opie Raqio Show (and please dont say that they are still figuring it out-its been over 6 months already) Is Opie for real? I mean, does he truly believe that the things that come out of his mouth is even slightly entertaining or even coherent, or is he really that delusional? And if he does the things he does as a "goof" as he puts it, how insulted should people be at the level of condensation he shows towards people. Looking back on it, what era of the O and A show was most fun? Looking back on it, what was the single most memorable moment of the O and A show? General/Personal Which brand of ketchup do you prefer? how funny is /r/opieandanthony What is the final standing regarding the Patrice O'Neil benefit. How accurate are the rumors that you are in talks with SXM to do a solo show? Ari shaffir recently said on his AMA that you are perhaps the best person he has ever seen at feeding comedians, Jim Norton has said that "no one has ever made me laugh as hard as Anthony", Joe Rogan said that you are one of the funniest and down to earth people he has met, Colin Quinn and Patrice O'Neil have said similar things etc etc. What do you think about this praise and specifically your standing within the comic community and how you fit into it?

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