Reddit in a nutshell.

I agree with the sentiment, but the phrasing may throw some people off. Someone who is a much better writer than me wrote this comment:

It's okay to care so much about karma. I've often had to explain this to friends and strangers on the internet, outside of Reddit. But just as there are "Karmawhores" here, the dismissive attitude towards the "Internet points" is more prevalent in Reddit than anywhere else. Say you're verging on 10000 karma. That is ten thousand. It seems so meaningless to the outsider. But to the person who has them, they're so much more than Internet points. You have been upvoted ten thousand times. 104 . Ten thousand times, people have taken a fraction of their day to thank you. As you look at your account page, you admire the number--not because anybody else will care, not because it translates to money or fame or any earthly desire. No, it's because ten thousand times you have spoken your version of truth which resonated with others. Ten thousand t imes you have made someone giggle or laugh aloud. Ten thousand times you have inspired someone, or made them feel secure, or brightened their mood, if even for an hour or a minute. And in that tiniest window of time, maybe the reader smiled. Perhaps your post has uplifted them enough to get them to smile at a stranger. Maybe that stranger had their day changed and so complimented another passer-by on their eyes. Maybe that passer-by had a tiny but so, so significant boost to their self-esteem. Maybe this little bit of compliment gave them the confidence to ask someone out. Maybe the relationship would work out and they'd become a confident human being. And, confident and happy, they'd compliment another stranger on their hair. It goes on and on, but it all started with you and your Internet points. It is highly unlikely, but if just one of the thousands who have upvoted you has been changed, that's enough. That's why you get upset when someone has downvoted you. They have disagreed with you. They think your opinion is invalid. They have been offended by your comment. They have taken a fraction of their day to make your day slightly less enjoyable. Karma is so much more than Internet points. It is karma.

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