Don't have sex with a drunk, twerking tiger.

If you're a girl and you got accepted anywhere else, go elsewhere. I'm not joking about the stalking, it's a serious issue.

If you're a guy and you end up at RIT, please don't let your friends stalk the girls. Call out poor behavior. A little bit of a reasonable attitude towards girls would go a very long way. It certainly would've made my college life a lot easier.

When you're out of the dorms keep in mind that Hemlock (30m from RIT) and other more rural areas are the same price as the ghetto (15m from RIT) for rent, and not a terrible commute (plus it's gorgeous in the finger lakes, you'll never find a more relaxing drive home again in your life). People get shot in the 19th ward, avoid it. The 19th ward is across the river from U of R.

Wegmans often has student coupons for free stuff. If you're not already in love with Wegmans you will be soon. It's the place to go on Saturday nights (RIT isn't much of a party school).

If you do find yourself at a party, Henrietta Hots has the best hangover food (loaded garbage plate w/ meat sauce). BWW isn't bad in Rochester, but you've got to drive to Duff's or Anchor in Buffalo for real good wings, which you should do anyway. Speaking of that, drinking age is 19 yrs across the border in Canada. Bring your passport.

Check out the abandoned subway (if you still can?) down below Dino BBQ in downtown Rochester. It's baller. Bring friends and cameras.

Work hard as fuck your freshman year. Your high GPA in the easy classes will help you keep afloat during your third-fifth years.

Join some of the fun stuff to do, make friends, don't get involved in WoW or any other drugs. (My freshman year was the first my department saw more WoW-related dropouts than drug-related dropouts.)

If I knew where you could find chicks I'd tell you. I have no fucking idea (unless you're interested in prostitutes or Real Dolls, in which case I have boatloads of advice despite having never used either myself). What I can tell you is that if you go to massage class solo hoping to find a cute chick to rub up on, you'll just end up partnered with another dude looking for the same thing, and knitting club is already 60% dudes (or at least it was when I was there), so.... give up now.

You'll get a good academic education at RIT. Just make sure to keep your social skills up. Regardless of what seems 'normal', try to shower daily and wash your clothes.

Source: Girl, RIT for 5.5 years, BS/MS in an engineering field.

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