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Sure. Except for some glaring examples, such as the giant skeleton gangbang in Tomb of the Giants.

The normal (human sized) skeletons in the Catacombs had a fairly low poise break with their Scimitar/Falchion. Any player that isn't in cloth armor will survive a hit or two without being completely staggered and killed. The larger skeletons in the Tomb of the Giants only come in pairs or two or paired with a single Skeleton Dog. There are even instances where one giant-skeleton will be wielding a slow-projectile bow while the other will attack with their Murakumo. The only time you are even ganked by the huge skeletons are in the dark room with the Large Divine Ember. Even then, that's a single instance on an obscure/hidden path.

spiders, which are weak enemies that pretty much always die in 1 hit. This is no different from the hollows in the Parish, yet people will still whine about it and say it's bad design, yet they don't apply the same criticism to DS1.

The spiders have an instant jumping attack that does major amounts of damage for no reason. They can easily take a player from full health to below half in a single pounce (which is difficult to dodge due to the sluggish rolling system and adaptability). They even have a grab attack that will guarantee your death if you're under a certain VIG threshold (thanks for removing drag escapes!). Comparing this to the Hollows in the Burg and Parish isn't that accurate. Trash Mobs like hollows are extremely slow and easily countered.

Which I think is bullshit. The games deserve to be analyzed equally.

They are. Dark Souls II fanboys just can't take it when someone doesn't declare it the best in the series. They just fucking lose it.

"They often throw you into tiny arenas where you have to fight multiple strong enemies " Cite some examples.

Outside Veldstat, Almost all of the Iron King DLC, Before Duke's Dear Freja, Outside Drangleic Castle, Undead Crypt, All of Shrine of Amana, Outside Mirror Knight, etc etc. There are plenty of areas where you're essentially swamped by high-poise enemies that do massive damage.

I just looked through every single enemy in the game and 90% of the enemies are introduced by themselves first. Sorry, but this is just a straight up lie.

Literally looked at every single enemy in the game. Just now. Every. Single. One.

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