Germany Concerned about Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

but if you actually read what she was saying she is basically correct.

Of course, if you live in the bizarro world called the US where "basically correct" means "completely and utterly wrong and insane".

But hey... no wonder you as an American have such opinions. After all, you live in a country where 50% of people vote for extremist right-wing radicals and over 60% of your people support war crimes.

So yeah... of course you would think that causing war with Russia is a good thing! It's because you people are insane and were indoctrinated since childhood!

In these sorts of crises, the EU is bumbling and incompetent.

No, it isn't.

It's simply not supporting your shithole of a nation's warmongering.

Not everyone is as proud of war and human rights violations as you, American.

It's very nature as a collection of 28, often competing interests makes it woefully unsuited for a crisis like in Ukraine, or even in the Eurozone itself.

The EU doesn't want a crisis in Ukraine.

It's not the EU's fault that the US started that crisis.

It's not the EU's fault that Russia didn't back down in the face of American aggression and acts of economic war.

It's not the EU's fault that it was coerced to back that aggression by the worst warmongerer and human rights violator on the planet.

And it's not the EU's fault that the US isn't able to keep the things it caused under control.

And it's not the EU's fault it now has to solve the problems your shithole nation caused to begin with.

But hey, keep on pretending that all misery in the world is caused by evil Russia. Keep pretending that the Ukraine crisis is the results of Russian aggression and Putin being insane rather than, you know, US investing billions of dollars into anti-Russian politics in Ukraine to destabilize the nation and start a conflict.

Here is something you will hear more and more often in Europe nowadays: Fuck the US.

The world has gotten sick of your shit and it's time to fess up. Nobody likes the wars you cause everywhere. Nobody likes you using economic and diplomatic pressure to ruin countries threatening your insane and unsustainable nation's interests. Get your ass back to your shithole and stay there. Ruin your own people's lives instead of the lives of others.

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