God damn I'm such a good cook

Nobody has the knowledge of food that I do. I have boiled my steaks (the only way to eat a steak, might I add) in DMT and traveled culinary planes that of which would make Gordon Ramsay's sweet little Scottish asshole quiver. God damn I'm such a good cook. "NEXTheProphet, I think you scorched the rice." shut up you culinarily inferior Quadra-led, the term scorched is a myth. That's the fuckin flavor. Millard reaction anyone??? Hello???? Gd I'm such a good fuckin cock. Here's a secret: never deglaze with wine, it's a lie to hold you all back from becoming the best, such as I. Shrimp scampi?? Don't use wine, deglaze with water, the milk from Mother earth's succulent tits. If you use wine, you'll just end up straight fuckin hammered. All because "the recipe said". Here's another secret, there's no such things as a "recipe"; they're the shackles the bind you from creativity. Want to learn how to make a hollandaise?? NO TRUE RECIPES, throw a whole carton of eggs (yes whites included) in the pan with half a tub of unclarified butter and smush em around with your bare fuckin hands. Boom, hollandaise in exactly 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Holy fuck I'm such a good cok. Always wash your chicken with scorching hot water, in every sink possible. Just fuckin slap it around in there like you're trying to drown your child's annoying ass pet Guinea pig, that's how you get the maximum amount of bacteria off. Sauce too thin and out of cornstarch?? No need to worry, bust a fat Ole fuckin nut (it HAS to be a fat one) in the saucepan, you'll never have to buy that gimmicky ass cornstarch ever again. I'm such a good fuckin cook my head is literally swelling from all this fuckin knowledge. These are just SOME of the many secrets that I know, secrets the elites have been hiding from you all. If you want to know any other secrets, I'll reply in the comments, and you, too, can become (like me) the best, such as I (the best).

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