Great drone footage of Amtrak moving through SLO

Sad you're getting downvoted because you're right. I used to work for Pacificorp (other power company) and this video makes me cringe. It looks cool and it's some great footage but the way this drone was flown is just irresponsible. It's way, waaaay too close those powerlines. Those particular lines are over 100,000 volts and I can almost see individual braids on the cables. Professional workers are told to keep 20 feet or so away from powerlines like that, depending on what work is being done and what the voltage is. I'm sure his drone was within 10 feet. Considering how much distance this drone traveled, the "pilot" was probably pretty far away. Also, to keep up with the train, it had to be going pretty fast. The drone was looking to where it had been, not where it was going. All that tells me that there was no way in hell the operator was taking the proper precautions to avoid them. Even if you're standing right below the pole it's difficult to judge the distance from them, let alone (probably) a mile away.

If that drone suddenly loses power at the wrong time, or one wrong move is made, it will crash into the powerlines in an instant. If that causes a short circuit it could put out power for thousands. PG&E and those people affected are going to be piiiiised, and the operator is going to be in big time deep shit. You don't do this idiotic shit, period.

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