Tell me, what are the best things about living in Brazil?

Sorry for the long post. I moved to Brazil with my wife about a year ago. I love it here. There's so many things to like about this country, the weather is amazing most of the time, where I live its only uncomfortably hot for about 3 months the rest of the time is really nice.

The food is also amazing whether it's some bread from you local bakery to Caipirinhas and chuhasco (Brazilian BBQ). Also there's so many delicious fruits here that I had never had before coming. The ones that I had had before moving here, for example mangoes, are even more delicious here.

The beaches are beautiful. I'm not talking about the beaches in the cities, I've seen a lot of posts on reddit about how the beaches in Rio are gross and there's trash everywhere and the sewage from the favels or w/e goes right into the water. And here in Santos the beach has a lot of litter but, ITS A CITY of course there's going to be litter. But if you travel to a beach thats little more removed from the city they are gorgeous. Also private beaches are illegal here.

Lastly the people here a absolutely amazing I can't say enough about the Brasilieros. They are the warmest friendliest people I've ever met. And not just some of them, almost all of them. They also have this infectious passion for everything its impossible to explain, they get excited about the little things or something, I can't explain it, its only something you can understand by witnessing it for yourself. And I can just about guarantee that they have more fun the anyother country in the world.

I also see a lot of people bad mouthing Brazil because they came and visited for a week and they say things like Brazil is beautiful and everything but its dirty and the people don't take care of their country blah blah blah, but they stayed for a week that was pretty much what I thought after a week, it takes a little bit to get used to and understand this country but once you do you will be so grateful that you came. Its definitely worth it. I tell my wife I want to raise my kids in the US because the schools are a little better and its a lot easier to go from the US to Brazil then from Brazil to the US, but as soon as they move out I'm coming back down here for good. Anyway thats my two cents, I hope you end up loving it here as much as I do.

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