Gretzky: I thought my scoring records were in trouble during Matthews' debut

Also not sure how I made a 180. You could he scored in x of y games played, counting the number of games he scored in rather than the number of goals so the data is more even and not so heavily weighted by one game.

I've studied statistics years ago in university and worked at statscan when I got out, I know what I'm talking about.

If the Leafs continue to win 1/4 games and Matthews continues scoring in 1/2 of the games played the chances of Matthews scoring 3 goals in winning games is actually a fairly even bet.

What you're looking at are 4 games. Can he get 3 goals in 4 games. Or can the team win more and score more.

People with the blue and white disease is pretty annoying. I was literally cheering for the Leafs yesterday in the gdt. Leafs fans constantly alienate me and remind me why every other Canadian team is better to follow

Feels like people think I don't think Matthews can get 2 goals in 16 games, or I feel bad Arizona attracted a shity crowd in Kanata. Blue and white disease is annoying af

The shotglass bet is on if you want though. I'll still be in the gdt cheering for the Leafs to score sometimes

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