Greymane Suggestion: reward him with survivability if he gets a kill.

whoa! did you not read the first couple sentences of the post? the part where it's clearly stated that I "understand and appreciate the trade-off of sustainability for damage"? and...did you also not read the first line where I wrote in all caps, " Survivability not sustainability" in an attempt to clearly differentiate between the two? c'mon man read the post:)

And about the damage reduction; are you referring to "thick skin" (lvl 4) which, reduces damage from the next two heroic basic attacks by 50%. thats basically 100-150 damage mitigation. who's gonna pick that over "draught overflow" (90% pick rate)? i'm just calling it like I see it; greymane jumps in to fight and doesnt have much of a shot if every enemy isnt dead in 5 seconds. but if he gets a kill give him a way to survive just a bit longer. the very existence of "thick skin" as a talent choice tells us that blizzard has had discussions about damage mitigation. i'm just suggesting they incorporate it in such a way that doesnt detract from the hero's core design while encouraging an additional playstyle to the "Q build poke,poke,poke-strike when enemies are almost dead" one that most players are rocking. Think how cool it would be to see a play style that you can build around with his other talents. i'd love to rock worgen but right now he's just too much of a Glass Wolverine. And just one more thing about his playstyle; it's really not that impactful since the enemy team has to already be at low enough health for greymane to go into clean-up mode. very satisfying i know, but it means that he was in the back NOT contributing very much with his low dps pew pew and Q. This is why every high mmr player takes pretty much every Q talent except at lvl 13 (probably b/c there arent any) so that they can contribute until the clean up lady can come in.

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