The State of Account Security

Another thing I would like to mention.

  1. If you get RAT'd, none of the things in OPs post would matter - The hijacker can simply wait till someone goes Afk, Splashing or Afk Guthans to take control over their PC (Which elimintes like 99% of the things OP posted) and simply trade the stuff over, the Game Pin would already be done by the real owner of the account.

So That leaves me to the other Hijackers, The Phishers. How will these things OP provided make the security any stronger then it already is now? If a Phisher does succesfully manage to phish you and they log in to find out their Target has authenticator how will they ever be able to log in? They wont - That's why authenticator is a really good security protocol.

Now most people would argue and say "YES BUT SOME1 CUD LOG INTO EMAIL AND DLETE AUTH!!!"

In my opinion, if you enable Authenticator for your RuneScape account, a online gaming account and you don't have Authenticator on your Email there is something terribly wrong with you priorities - You value your RuneScape over your Email account which coulpd contain personl information, Bank information, sensitive pictures or just in generel information that can be abused.

OPs mentioning things such as Game pins, if someone doesn't have authenticator enabled, have a strong password, gets phished by clicking random emails what would the chances be of that certain person having a Bank Pin in the first place, lets stand a strong one?

Rogieee, someone Dave might know said it the best himself - There needs to be more guides/videos on how to secure your email, If your email address is secure - Nothing can happen to you, Phishers wont get past you, People who guess your RS pass wont get past you - Only people who mange to RAT you, but if you do end up getting RAT'd I think you deserve to lose your items if you click on every giveaway link.

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