This guys pulling out overloaded fishing net

Anyone who knows anything about China knows that is not the case. Greed and "take take taking" with zero regard for others is embedded in their culture. Buffet restaurants literally don't and can't exist in mainland China, because the first person will do their best to take EVERYTHING. There are videos of Chinese tourists in other counties swarming buffets like lions on a wounded gazelle to take everything they can as fast as possible. Public bathrooms can't have toilet paper because people will empty the entire toll and take it the second it's put there.

This isn't just a fishing thing, it's ingrained in their population from when food was actually scarce during Mao's communist regime. i'm not saying there is no reason behind it, but it still goes on today in mass and it isn't some Aladdin "steal to survive" shit you're acting like it is..

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