Harvard makes The 10 worst colleges for free speech for the fourth time.

Biology man I got to admit, if someone read your comment they'd probably say that you're what's wrong with the world. "Unwilling to read an article based on prejudgments of an individual you've never met. Missing out on an opportunity to learn and grow."

Like the other guy who commented, it doesn't matter what part of the spectrum you fall on; liberal, leftist, republican, alt-right or the goddam tea party, everyone should have the right to speak.

Now I assume you said what you said because OP usually posts right leaning articles...so what. Who cares. Why give a fuck. Don't be such a baby that it actually bothers you. If it's accurate, true and doesn't physically harm you then take the time to grow as an individual and accept other viewpoints. If what he posts is a lie, then let's get the old party together and ban his ass. Until then, be more open.

Happy Tuesday.

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