Spawn to bulk how I do it

Idk why it’s so hostile ITT. I have friends who can’t get a batch to fruit at all, and in their cases, id recommend batting down the hatches as thoroughly as possible, up to and including what OP does.

But. I really, really have never had a failed batch, and have never worn gloves at all.

I think the far more difficult/temperamental point in UB method is sterilizing the UB bag and the inoculation method. But once you have a fully mycd bag of rice, that mycelium is incredibly resilient. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to be less sterile, but the micropore tape on the tub seriously seems like an unnecessary hassle that just makes maintenance more difficult. I know he’s not fruiting yet. But I can often go straight to fruiting conditions and actually find it an easier method—I just may only get 4-5 flushes instead of 6-7, but they’re still huge flushes and saves a week for the first flush, but would be less possible if I can’t control FAE and humidity because my tub is taped shut.

It’s a sub about exchanging techniques. He’s fine to present his, and commenters are fine to explain to other subscribers why they’d do some steps differently. No need to attack him for being overkill, and no need to attack other successful growers for having different methods.

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