Heizelparking kleurt zwart-geel: protestrit van Vlaams Belang met duizenden auto's tegen Vivaldi-regering (in wording)

Don't forget why people voted on Hitler. Not because "people during the '30s were irredeemably evil".

It was a shitty time. The Great Depression was ongoing, Germany experienced hyperinflation, 30% unemployment, etc. Extreme left and right gangs were fighting each other and smashing stuff up, and the moderate parties were proving incompetent. So people voted for stability and some semblance of leadership. The Reichstag fire was the equivalent of the BLM riots: a clear act of violence from the left (or so it seemed) that united people under the right.

Ultimately, Hitler didn't do anything different from many politicians, other than rounding up the Jews (while Trump just empowers people to hate immigrants). The German economic revival seemed to work out and the world cheered for Hitler, all the way until he decided to start a war.

Had Hitler not done that, we'd all be voluntarily living under fascism now, and probably accusing each other of being "democrats" the way Americans use "socialist" as an insult.

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