Help and advice?

With tera's combat system positioning is important for all classes. Especially as a dps class, the way the crit crystals are set up, you want to be at the back of the boss as long as possible. A class that has to move in towards the boss and out a lot would be archer or reapers if you want skills to do that for you. Both of these wear leather armour, both reasonably durable (can take a couple of hits). Archers recently got a rework and are currently in a very good position. Reapers are soon getting a buff that will help a LOT.

As for flashy/shiny armour... there are plenty of costumes and weapon skins out there, it's how the game makes its money, look on the trade broker and try on a few things before you buy anything.

Server choice depends on which region you are playing on, safe choice for EU would be Mystel server (has the highest population bound to find someone you like) I guess the NA equivalent would be Tempest Reach but someone else who actually plays on NA can verify that.

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