Here is what we know so far about Battlefield 5

I've been wondering about what I would want for a future Battlefield title and after doing some thinking I feel like the best way to proceed with this franchise would be to make a Battlefield Cold War gone hot.

My reasons for it are actually pretty simple and to some they might seem strange but anyways, here it goes.

1.Dice could bend the story in whatever way they wanted.

Imagine all the gear,weapons,prototypes,vehicles,cities and countries that were involved in the Cold War from the 50's - 90's.

Soviet union vs Nato in Europe. Just imagine fighting in the streets of Berlin,Paris and Moscow, or tanking in Kursk or even in London, hell why not throw in Scandinavia to the mix? Great tank battles over the European and Russian landscapes and it's gorgeous citys.

In Amerika the US would face off against the fictional S.A.F (South American Federation)

You could have battles taking place in the S.A.F's members countries such as Cuba,Brazil,Venezuela and Argentina or why not have it take place in the USA itself?

Fighting in the streets of New York,L.A and great tank battles in the war torn Las Vegas. Really, any city in the USA would be a experience not soon forgotten.

You wont even have to stop there, this would be a perfect time to bring back MEC and China,North Korea,Vietnam etc.etc.

The Cold war was global so you could pretty much have a map or maps in most places on earth. Europe,South & North Amerika,Asia,Middle East...

  1. Factions.

As Im sure you already understand, I want the next Battlefield title to have more factions. I always felt that the addition of only 2 factions in Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 was dull, Country 1 vs Country 2 get's boring very quickly imo and the Cold War with all it's axis and allies takes care off that.

Russia,China,Cuba,Iran,Brazil,North Korea,Usa,Germany,France,U.K,Sweden etc.etc.

  1. Maps that make you feel like you are in an actual battle.

This doesn't necessarily have to be specific to the Cold War but I feel like pointing out that maps such as Caspian Border,Golmud,Hammerhead,Silk Road,Karelia,Karkand,Seine Crossing,Azadi Palace,Markas Monolith are my personal favorites and I would love to see more of them.

Maps that offer both great infantry and tank combat.

  1. Less is more.

No more stupid gimmicks and gadgets like the UCAV / SUAV or a billion different grenade launchers or lock on weapons.

(Why would you need a lock on weapon such as the Javelin for ground targets? Pick up a RPG and get some skill.)

Gun customization should be simple.

Fore grips, suppressor, laser sight and optics, what else could you possible need?

Say what you want about Call of Duty, but for anyone who ever played Black Ops you know they made the customization right.

Let me build my own scope. Maybe I want a green reticle in my Kobra sight or maybe I want a blue reticle in my C-more optic instead.

Perhaps I prefer the look off the Holographic sight but prefer to only have one reticle instead of two.

Customization like this is fine and only personal, it does not take away from the game experience and it does not bother anyone. Besides, I don't think we really need any barrel modifications beside maybe the supresor, I feel like attachments such as Muzzle brakes,Heavy Barrels etc just lessens the skill gap.

I prefer guns with vertical recoil that takes time to master.

  1. Less bloating.

Do we really need 10 different game modes? I play Battlefield for the all out war experience and as far as I'm concerned Conquest is more than enough fun for me. I don't mind the addition of Rush although I haven't had fun with that game mode since Bad Company 2.

Tank Superiority and Chainlink are game modes that had potential but were poorly executed.

Camo patterns.

Now I don't know about you guys but I don't think we need 10 different camos for each faction, in Bad Company 2 you were assigned a camo that were fitting for the environment you were in.

If you played a snow map, you got a snow camo, if you played a jungle map you got a jungle camo etc.etc.

Guns that have a purpose.

Now I didn't appreciate it as much while I was playing it but Battlefield 3's carbine selection was outstanding.

M4A1,ACR,G53,G36C,MTAR,A91 all had a specific role to play on the Battlefield and they were overall just great fun to play around with.

In Battlefield 4 there are only 3 Carbines you would ever pick and Im sure you know which one I mean so I wont even bother listing them.

Visual Recoil.

Seriously, fire the dude that came up with that idea.

More Destruction.

Don't think I need to really expand on this.

Anyways, that's my top 5 reasons and wishlist for the next Battlefield game, Im sure I forgot some stuff as it's pretty late over here but anyways

When it comes to the Cold War, The Possibilities are just endless.

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