Netcode Delay: Battlefield vs CS:GO

However uneducated people are started to think bf4's netcode is actually good or even close to CS GO.

Well I did try to make clear that it's just the delay between the players where the games have become pretty close. But the actually hit registration is very different.

BUT, the tests he conducts (he says it himself, I'm not bashing his work) are on empty recently restarted servers. That is far from real netcode feel.

There are several reason why these tests are done on empty servers:

  1. you can't do them on full, or even partially filled servers (I have tried ;-) ) because there will always be some random troll who kills you just for da fun.... :-/
  2. the idea is to get a reference, or low point. this means to find out what is the best it can do. If the best is rubbish (like 170ms between two 25ms players), then this means that it's not good enough.
  3. if a netcode change should reduce the delay, but even in a controlled environment you can not find any improvement, then the change does not work. Because on a full server it will always be worse, not better. ;-) I actually had this several times in the CTE where a change should have reduced the delay (devs were not sure hence it was not in the changelog) But I had to tell the devs then after the testing that it didn't work. Some time later they managed to actually get that intended decrease of the delay. :)

It doesn't really matter Chris' videos show results far better than in bf3, the reality is that if you play BF3 you'll notice in like 5 minutes how much better that netcode was, and that netcode wasn't even good to start with.

It's not that easy. What most players have forgotten is how bad the netcode was in BF3 - on release but also during its entire lifespan. Especially the damage around cover was just insane in this game.

But in BF4 it got worse,and if you play BF3 today then its right that it can feel better. But thats not because the netcode is better.

First of all, when BF4 was released, EA significantly reduced the amount of gameserver providers that were contracted to host servers on PC. By doing so a lot of regions lost all their gameservers in their country/region. This means that EA actively created A TON of new out of region and high ping players with that decision. And thats why BF4 felt in generally worse on release than BF3. And that is also why players say Hardline Hitreg was better in the beta than in retail - there were not as many high pingers in the beta.

Another aspect that you have to consider when you go back today any play BF3 is that there is only a very small playerbase active now. So when I join a BF3 server today which is located in germany, then I have only players of the EU there - next to never I see players >100ms on any BF3 server.

So if you compare BF3 today to BF4 today then you need to do it under the same conditions. This means join a BF4 server that kicks players above 75 or 100ms, and if you do that then you will actually see how much better the Hitreg now is in BF4 than it is in BF3.

If you introduce high pingers to any of these 2 games right now, then you will have issues in both of them.

As I mentioned the changes in the CTE should help with that, but we can't be sure due to the lack of testers. :(

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