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I don't see what you're trying to argue here or why my comment offends you so much, or why you think it's "ignorant".

Obviously the fusion players were all influenced by Coltrane, because everybody was influenced by Coltrane.

That's kind of the point I was trying to make I was trying to make through my comment. Coltrane's vocabulary influenced a lot of fusion and modern jazz players, so if you want to hear those "licks" in an acoustic jazz context, why not go back to the source? That was the only thing I meant.

OP asked for fusion players playing standards

Maybe re-read what the OP said. He specifically asked about "fusion-esque licks". I interpreted that to be about the vocabulary of players. And I stand by my point. Melodically and harmonically, fusion players aren't doing anything different than what avant-garde jazz players were doing in the 60s. This is proven by the heritage and influence of the players that invented fusion. Fusion was invented by musicians who played the same licks in acoustic jazz. Later fusion musicians were influenced by the earlier fusion musicians. There's an unbroken thread, and if we're talking about licks/language of improvisation there's really nothing new under the sun.

and you start of telling that the only real difference between fusion and non-fusion is the instrumentation? Really?

Read my post. I said "What makes fusion different are the rhythms, timbres, instrumentation, and composition." Once again referencing that the OP is looking for fusion LICKS which I took to be material for SOLOS. The LICKS a fusion musician plays aren't much different from what acoustic jazz musicians were playing in the 1960s.

In fact you kind of said the same thing in your other post about fusion musicians also playing acoustic jazz/modern jazz, with the example of Chick Corea. Perfect example. Started as an acoustic jazz musician, assimilated the influences of musicians who came right before him, played acoustic jazz, played in Miles' band, played with electrified rock musicians, experimented with electric and electronic instruments – but he always sounds like Chick Corea. If you're talking about his LICKS (once again what the OP asked about), he's always playing similar stuff, whether on Romantic Warrior, Light as a Feather, with the Elektrik Band, and so on and so forth. I think we're saying the same thing, but you obviously didn't understand my comment so you got offended.

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