Hey witches can I ask for some support?

You aren’t alone. Recently, I’ve been going through a big change in my life after leaving abusive relationships. I’m going to therapy and struggling to love myself. My mom recently sent me an email calling me all sorts of horrible things. I woke up this morning crying about it bc I have been working so hard at being positive and trying to be healthier mentally. Having my own mom say terrible things about me sucks. And the irony is…I make sourdough and am making two loaves today to give away to strangers I have never met before (sending them with my partner to his work). Yet, my own mother calls me a mean person.

Wish I could give you a hug. And maybe get one in return too. Sometimes life is really shitty. But I’m going to keep making sourdough and giving it away to strangers. And I hope you keep loving yourself and do something kind for yourself today. You keep your head up girl because things def do get better.

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