[HIRING] Drawn Family Portrait

This sounds like an interesting project Hello! I am Untamed Draws. I am a professional concept artist and have worked in the industry for several years, engaged in the production of books, games, movies and other works. As a freelancer, I do digital painting in private and game studios as a concept artist.

I have read your post and I really want to work with you.

You can find my portfolio on IG at untamed.draws or simply by following this link: www.instagram.com/untamed.draws.

I also provide prints so if you're interesting in that, I can also print, ship, and deliver the prints.

Allow me to describe some of the benefits and high quality you'll receive from this commission. You will receive an exceptionally high quality file as part of this commission. It will be at least 6000 pixels wide and in a 4:5 aspect ratio, so you may use it without cropping. You'll get 1000DPI with 6000px. Because I prefer to zoom in and focus on the minutiae, this is above industry norm.

Commissions for September-October are still open! Canvas size: 6000 pixels at least Ratio: 4:5 Canvas DPI: 1000 dpi Canvas file: Uncompressed PNG Payment Method: PayPal (Friends and Family option) Prices: Calculated depending on the size of the painting and the amount of work required and the time it will take .

I eagerly await your response.

Please have a nice day, thank you.

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