Anyone saying that thermals shouldn't see through walls just does not fully understand the technology. Though if you want to make the argument thermals should not be used in a city, well then you have a real good argument.

To explain further, right from the rules of NP. "The setting for our storylines is the State of San Andreas and the counties within it. It’s a state made up of several million people with your characters being a sample of the people in it." So in any city limits, any time you would use thermals it should light up like the fourth of july. You would be thousands upon thousands of signatures in LS, And hundreds in Plateo and other populated areas. Reserving it for out in the country is completely understandable, but in the city or populated areas is where the crims should have the advantage of hiding in plainsight or blending in. In the country, they should have a disadvantage against thermals.

I normally love watching cop RP, however the use of thermals is always puzzling for me. It does not make sense when looking for crims in a large city. You have them locked down to a house, hey, again thermals can make sense. But to search for them in any populated area does not in my opinion.

*don't go crazy with the extremes on the plainsight. It is a very straightforward concept.

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