This is how you deal with disrespectful students and gain their respect

I don't know how many times this needs to be said. Its because Americans are not good at things like this. Everyone here is just roaming around trying to find ways to consume... We don't even send our young to school if they don't want to go. As a matter of fact, I used to work as a KFC delivery coordinator. My job was to use my Denali to bring KFC to all assigned "schools" for lunch. I would use my electric Hoveround scooter to drive up and down the halls to shoot the chicken out of an air cannon once I arrived. From what my keen eyesight tells me (slowly getting worse from my Diabetes) this isn't even an actual school. I don't see the company logos of each childs sponsor and there is a disturbing lack of chicken splatters on various surfaces. I think its the training course for those kids' first day of work at Long John Silver's. This just makes me sad how the US is literally the worst at almost everything. We have an exceptional quality of life, have the best higher education network in the history of the world, strongest military in existence, strongest economy...and now...this. This is making me literally sick. I keep voting for these candidates who promise to fix things yet nothing is working. I think we should try to just eliminate our military and stop trying to be the world police. Our banks need to be closed. All executives should go to jail. Especially if they aren't guilty of anything. That just means they are good at hiding things and it will come to the surface eventually. All American POC should be placed in leadership positions whether we want them or not. Sorry Mr. N. D. Tyson...astrophysics? Nope. We need a pipe fitter Union rep. We need to eliminate anything that determines capabilities by your qualifying traits and/or merit...especially what you want to do.That is not the way to do things in 2015. Men are to be put in positions of forced labor while American women need to be used for whatever the rest of the world needs....

There. I went and said it again. Our school system is the worst as clearly illustrated by this one video and the dozens of anecdotes that pop up on the interweb. The kids should start to teach the teacher in what should really happen. Better yet, let's get people on reddit to simply Skype these "teachers" - (Lol if you can call them that. More like PRETENDING TEACHERS) and let them know how to do things. We can also tell them what's wrong with our educational system from the perspective of many (qualified I'm sure) foreigners who have many many hours of experience reading anecdotes and watching this video to know what the school system is like. That's just my opinion though.

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