How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity.

Just curious: what's your highest level of education?

Sorry to disappoint, but I did finish my bachelors before deciding not to go into academia.

Can I not go point by point this time and just hit the highlights?

Yes, science is all about the scientific method. No, macroscopic 'things' do happen independently of whether or not they are observed (and you were complaining about philosophy). No, it is not established that things man created can not reach a the Virgo Supercluster. We can always change the example from a baseball to a laser beam to make it more palatable to your practical sensibilities.

The whole point is that to reach a distant cluster moving away from us at greater than the speed of light would require major changes to our understanding of the universe. Reaching a closer cluster moving away from us at less than the speed of light would not.

Yes, anything is theoretically possible.

Theoretically possible... as in possibly by current theory. Not any random thing.

So now we don't have to consider practicality when talking about physics.

Seriously? The whole joke is "consider a perfect sphere is a frictionless vacuum"...

It's also become clear to me that you're too ignorant to change your mind. You see your way as correct, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, and refuse to adopt the correct scientific approach. It seems we won't get anywhere. Thanks for the discussion.

Aaaand the old "take my ball and go home" tactic. Insult the other person, arbitrarily declare yourself the winner and that the conversation is over. I KNEW you were a troll. I KNEW there was no way you were being genuine.

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