How is heightism any different than favoring symmetrical facial features?

As others have said, height is objective while facial beauty is subjective.

That said... I'd be ecstatic (seriously) if I was rudely rejected for being unattractive to someone facially instead of "are you really only 5ft?" or other type of rejections that are VERY obviously due to my short stature

I know it probably sounds kind of weird, but it'd be a change of pace... I'm not saying I'm amazingly attractive facially...hell no... Yeah I got the high cheekbones (thank you Grandpa and your German & bit of African heritage) but I'm also a pasty ass ginger with freckles and red hair (god dammit other side of the family and your English/Irish heritage...yeah we're blue blood and all that and famous last name but god dammit I'd like to be able to be in the sun for 5 mins without bursting into flames!). Yet I've never had someone reject me rudely due to anything other than height. Seriously...there are tons reasons to reject'd think at least ONE would come up on occasion!

I'll give you a list:

Red hair. Yeah, I know that's not desirable.

Ginger. Yeah...freckles are a turnoff on guys it seems.

Bit of a gap in the front teeth (Alfred E. Neuman anyone?)

Long arms and legs compared to torso. I bet I'd kick ass at rock climbing!

Scars to the point where I'm thinking of some kind of octopus tattoo on my back and around my sides to cover them.

Slightly crooked nose & deviated septum (got nailed with a baseball years ago...holy shit that sucked. I was scheduled to pitch that game too yet instead spent it with a side of my face swollen like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Numerous other reasons to reject me...

Yet somehow my height is the only thing that is used as an obvious deal breaker. I kid you not. It's fucking ridiculous. Get hooked up with someone via a friend, spend hours and hours talking to them on the phone or via chat....holy shit she's awesome...everything is going GREAT. We have so much in common! Plans are being made for a date and then all of a sudden height comes up. After that it's "Well, I'd better get going" followed by no more returned calls, no more date, no more interest. Sometimes excuses are made too of course to try to get out of it gracefully (I'm not ready for a relationship is the most common).

Did they see a picture of me? No. Did they hear about the scars I have on my torso? No. Did they even know I had red hair? Nope. Just knew I was about 5'0" and that was the end. Fuck all of our similar interests, the great conversation we had for hours and hours, the plans that were made for a fun date... Naah...none of that mattered anymore to the "perfect girl(s)" for me because I'm only around 5ft tall.

Makes me kind of wonder if I should just blurt out immediately "Oh, BTW... I'm about 5ft that a problem? .... Hello? Uh... Hello????" at the beginning of every phone call or chat online.

Bleh... that said... it is what it is. I still recognize that it's just a symptom of a larger systemic problem in our society that forces the "man has to be tall" social norm down the throats of everyone. I"m not too mad at the people I've wasted my time with over the years... like many people they were just conforming to what society and the media told them is acceptable. I'm more pissed at the fact that my height, which is something I had no control over, is for some reason viewed as a horrible god awful negative in societies eyes.

Sorry for the long post...It's the holidays... Too much time spent shopping amongst assholes, drowning sorrows in vodka, and hoping next year is better has made me a bit pissy tonight :P

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