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Extremely disappointed with CG's customer service on a recent purchase.

I have been a CG customer for over a year. I have bought their suits, chinos, ties, shirts, and now knitwear and outerwear. I also provided feedback initially directly to Vishaal, on one of their first rounds of suits. Customer service has been great up until this holiday season.

I ordered an overcoat, a peacoat, and 3 sweaters during their Black Friday sale. All were supposed to be Christmas gifts. It took 16 days for my order to be shipped. I've never, ever dealt with a vendor who has taken so long to ship an order. I was reading r/frugalmalefashion, so I knew that they were backlogged and I didn't want to press them. But 16 days is absurd.

Then, I receive an e-mail the next day that 1 of my sweaters (out of 3) was on backorder. This was also disappointing. I make plans for a Christmas gift on December 2, and now I'm told just a few days before Christmas that one of the items isn't arriving. I write their customer service a long e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction and asking for options to remedy this situation. I receive a two-line e-mail two days later, saying that they will honor the black friday deal once the item comes back in stock--that's all.

Then, the item comes today. It's Christmas Eve. I expected an overcoat, a peacoat, and 2 sweaters, with 1 sweater being on backorder. Only one sweater is in the box. So they also screwed up the shipping on my order. And now it's Christmas Eve, so I need to go out and buy a replacement.

In total, CG:

1) took 16 days to ship my order (and never directly provided me an update on why it took so long) 2) notified me that they ran out of stock on an item I ordered, two weeks after I paid for it 3) also didn't send me my entire order, on Christmas Eve, in addition to the item that ran out of stock.

Seriously guys? I'm done referring your company to my friends.

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