How do you identify politically?

I think how we treat our poor, our elderly, our sick, and our minorities says more about who we are as a society than our bullshit rhetoric.

It's unacceptable for kids in my town to go hungry during the summer because there's no school lunch and breakfast for them to eat. It's unacceptable for my elderly neighbor to have to choose between paying for her medication and paying for groceries. It's bullshit that the immigrant community here is good enough to cut our motherfucking grass, washing our motherfucking clothes, and picking our motherfucking fruit, but not good enough to have an opportunity to become citizens or at least guest workers in the country they pour their sweat into.

It's fucking stupid that my dad has to wait two months to go to the VA and get checked to make sure HIS GODDAMN PROSTATE CANCER isn't back yet after he gave his service and his skills to his country during wartime.

It blows my mind that politicians can sit straight-faced and try to vote down (54 times) the biggest move toward making sure every person in this country has healthcare since the New Deal. It blows my mind that they think that we have a gun control problem instead of a mental health and poverty problem. It blows my mind that they think a minimum wage hike is going to solve the poverty problem.

I can't listen to Republicans because they don't know jack shit about the social sciences, and they're all "Jesus, guns, and country! 'Murica, fuck yeah!" I can't listen to Democrats because they don't know jack shit about economics, and they're all like "If you disagree with me, you hate black people and the gays!" I can't listen to Libertarians because I happen to like paying taxes and participating in government, and don't mind a little intrusion every now and then.

I get so goddamn mad sometimes that no one wants to listen to the good ideas the other side has because they're too concerned with losing political ground to admit someone else might have it right every now and then. But then, I guess I'm a grumpy old curmudgeon.

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