How many times have you asked a girl out?

"I will literally never swipe on someone who doesnt smile and doesnt look fun." --bubblesnblep

what do you like in a guy? Someone who’s going somewhere with his career, physical attraction --throwaway2019june21

"Reasons I as a woman will not swipe right on somebody: their profile is lacking clear photos (too many group photos, blurry ones, etc) . no bio or a red flag in the bio . I do not find them attractive . their bio makes them seem uninteresting. they have their Instagram and/or Snapchat in their bio. Makes it seem like they’re only on the app to get more followers and I’m not about to give in to that" --spinnichair

I only got 1 match on tinder. They lived too far away, i think they were not getting alot of matches themselves.. Been in relationships with women i met at parties or bars through mutual female friends. You Should have better luck in real life.

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