How do people with lots of kids actually afford it?

Dealing with kids' tantrums about "I don't WANT to eat that" also requires significant amounts of mental and emotional energy, which, again, not all parents are privileged to have an excess of.

No it doesn't. My parents just locked all the other food up and went "Eat it or starve" we could put it in the fridge but if we were hungry we had to eat it. You shut that shit down quickly before it's a habit, yeah you don't want to eat it but it's healthy and good for you and your option is that or go foraging.

You're the legal guardian if you feed your kids trash you're a trash legal guardian. Grow the fuck up and parent. I was raised underneath the poverty line until I was teen, it's not hard, just don't be a spineless whiney bitch who bows down to the whims of a child who watched to much advertisements on junk food.

A UBI wont stop spineless parents, in my country it's usally the middle and upper class with the shittest kids because they throw money at the problem. Instead of going "No, eat the food or eat nothing." "No, you don't need a new game console" "No you don't need a new phone." "NO, you don't need designer shoes" "NO your teacher failed you because you didn't do shit, do shit next time I'm not going to back you up. You didn't do anything so it's write that you failed."

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