How Do You Prove that God Doesn't Exist?

It's an argument against believing in it's existence.

I agree, you reason and may choose to believe and not believe what you will.

And leprechauns. Why don't you believe in them?

People might say that leprechauns hold a significantly less important impact on the world. Therefore there is no need to thoroughly prove or disprove their existence.

Well that's just not true. There's lots of tests, evidence and knowledge about the process.

i disagree, there is no proof, from start to finish, of abiogenesis. There are experiments that may create building blocks that we observe in life. But, there are none that create life from non life.

We don't have all the details, but the same is true of the history of the Roman Empire. That doesn't mean Rome didn't exist.

This is a poor comparison. I can visit and read writings in not one, but many different civilizations that state the Roman Empire existed. There is no question of it’s existence. Scientific proof and historical proof are two separate proofs.

Try reading a book on the origins of life, or even just the wiki on abiogenesis. We have lots of evidence. We can see and understand how it's possible for life to naturally arise.

I would thoroughly enjoy reading the proof and seeing full experiments that result in life from non life.

So what exactly is it that you think scientists can't address that would be better served by an answer of 'magic' or any supernatural creature including gods?

I am not saying it is better served by another answer. I am saying that there is not a final, complete answer and therefore we can not say it is proven, nor can we say it is disproven.

Sure. It does prove that if a person believes it, they are disregarding truth and embracing their own preferred fiction.

Thank you for agreeing. Believing an idea with a lack of evidence does not mean there is no evidence at all, only that there is a lack, or not a plentiful source of evidence for it.

Fiction implies that an idea is not true, or make believe. Using fiction as a description for a belief is, until proven to be fiction, a poor description.

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