Mother Wont Let Me [16F] Shave My Legs

At the same time, I want to point out in response to the root comment that the question of whether to shave or not is a personal choice, both ways. I personally tried shaving at 10 years old-- disastrous-- but I simply like to be shaved. I certainly don't always stick to it. In the winter, extra leg hair is kind of nice for comfort/warmth reasons.

Point being, at your age you are going to want to explore what you like to do. You are almost an adult. I personally think that regardless of how your mom feels about shaved legs, you should be entitled to at least try it out. Your mom is just going to push you away by refusing to accept that you are becoming your own person, and that is really sad.

As far as handling things with your mother though... I am sorry that I really don't know how to address this. My mother forbade me to shave until I was older because I cut myself pretty bad the first time I tried. I am pretty clumsy. But this sounds like a cultural issue as well as your mom being super controlling, whereas my mom taught me how to shave when I was 12-ish (because I was starting to grow hair under my arms, and I was embarrassed). That is all a totally different situation from forbidding a 16 year old to shave, obviously. I like to think I would have done it anyway, consequences be damned, but I did not grow up in your situation or in the same cultural context.

At the minimum, when you are a legal adult I think you should go to college and take pleasure in doing what you want, be it shaving, not shaving, or anything else. There is always that to look forward to. And as far as those bitches who are teasing you, fuck them. Are there any other girls who are not teasing you? Because those are the ones that you want as friends. The other ones I would tell to go to hell.

I really wish you all the best. High school can be really tough, but it makes college all the better. You are going to love it!

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