How realistic do you think the show is?

Italy is a thriving country, don't get this wrong, and we're talking about a novel that it's set in the 50-60 (My Brilliant friend and Story of the new name) - so things are very different right now. But, bear with me for a sec: it's not about violence or family, it's about Italy's social texture. Southern Italy (especially my region) has always been incredibly poor. Most of us grew up in misery, which is not the same misery you would think as no food on the table (even tho it happens often) — but misery in a more socio-economic way: no hospitals, not a great education, a language that still carries a really big stigma (it's not a case that Ferrante tends to underline when Lenù or Lila are speaking dialect instead of italian), unemployment etc. now, imagine living in this kind of realty, where you know that if you really wanna make something of yourself you have to leave cause your region gives you no opportunity to grow as a person or in a career. It's no wonder why everyone is so frustrated. Lila's father is a perfect example of that frustration, that ends up in an endless cycle of violence 'cause violence is all that's left. There would be wayy more to talk about but english is not obviously my first language but if you have more questions I'm happy to answer!

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