How do you respond to these common liberal question?

On legalizing homosexuality

What's the benefit? This is a democracy, aka majority rules, the majority of the population is not gay so you need to convince us.

Their main argument is, "it doesn't affect you". Well the other side has compelling reasons why not to legalize it, adoption rights, tax issues, higher rates of suicide, higher rates of STDs and AIDS, higher rates of child molestation. And the best you can come up with to convince me is "it doesn't affect you"? That's not good enough, i'm not convinced.

"Their body, their choice. They can fuck as many guys as they want, nothing wrong with it."

They can do what they want, i'm not going to marry them, nobody I know would marry a girl with that past and many men won't either. If that's your sexual history as a woman you can either lie about and base your entire relationship/marriage on a lie which will eventually get found out, or you can tell the truth about it. You won't be fooling anyone either way.

"Having sex with many guys doesn't make a woman a bad person"

It doesn't make her a bad person but it does speak to her character, her integrity, her morals and more importantly it's a huge indicator of future behavior none of which are positive for a wife for myself or a mother to my children.

"Wouldn't you want a wife who's sexually experienced, and knows how to satisfy a man in bed?"

What you think "an experienced woman" knows that I can't tell a virgin to do in 2 minutes. What do you think is so complicated for me to explain to a new chick i'm sleeping with that she wouldn't be able to figure out in a minute. Do you think i'm too stupid to explain what I like to someone, or do you think women in general are far too stupid to understand what I like in the bedroom and the only possible way for her to acquire that knowledge is through experiences with many men.

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