Original Interview of former Iranian Ambassador, Abolfazi Zohrevand, who remarks that "we should be entering Armenia"

Im surprised the interviewer said "its strange that they lost" does hey realize what we were up against? Drones from the sky, arabs, ottoman turks, Isreali and ottoman turk weapons, no support from the west or Russia and thorough corruption in our government and military. The statement kind of sounded conspiratorial. They called him a "globalist" ie controlled by jews.

I don't understand the backwardness of the governments in that region, particularly Iran and Russia who I think would greatly benefit from friendship with the west ffs why do you need to be a globalist to want to enjoy the innovation, economic prosperity, freedoms and liberty the western lifestyle provides? Fucking pride parades are not a reason to keep your people imprisoned in poverty and backwardness.

This concept is part of why so many people traveling to Armenia are pleasantly surprised, they dont expect a little taste of Europe in the middle of the caucuses.

Religion is an obstacle in Iran, but the Persian people are by in large atheist, agnostic or deist, they would do well in a western system. So would Russians. I'd say it wouldn't work in many of the arab countries, pakistan or the turks based on how deep their culture would be against the qualities of the west.

I understand the persians position, this is a chess game but they would be wise not to trust the Russians so easily, I think its out of desperation, like for us, the Russians are all they have left, but as with us, they will take advantage of that, they will try to establish a road to Nakhichevan, control it and the turks and pretty much fully isolate iran, not out of animosity but just to control most oil/gas going to Europe, Putin ruined himself in Ukraine, I may be biased but if he was going to destroy himself might as well invade Azerbaijan instead (for control of the oil) nobody buys his reasons for invading Ukraine anyway. This is all bad for Armenia however you cut it, like the seasons turning once again we find ourselves on the battlefield of larger powers. But if push comes to shove, Id want Americans, Europeans, Russians, then Persians in that order to send support and secure the turk borders because nothing is more destructive than having those mfs invade.

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