How do sexworkers get paid?

Came here to ask, as I just saw a comment noting how much harder it is to pay things like rent, utilities, etc. without online accounts/cards in /r/sexworkers and got to wondering: in areas where escorting is illegal, how do escorts clean their money? I imagine it's easy enough to spend carefully and cover your tracks if you have a "legit" job on the books, especially if it's a tipped profession (and something you can do part time on the side) where the IRS expects some fudging. I had a hookup I met through craigslist personals years ago, and we'd get together in hotels that I'd pay for on my card, but she'd pay for half to me with cash she explained was from selling used panties locally. Looking back, she may have been married, but according to her, she had a normal, if low-paying job, and was just keeping her fun money off the books. But if you're making a lot, do you have to go Breaking Bad with money laundering, or wash it through crypto currency, or something else?

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