How should I play saryn now???

Yay, its my Time to shine.

I'm the Saryn expert of my group and I've been playing her for most of the time through most updates ever since Founders, I'm currently MR 17 as well.

With the release of Transient Fortitude Saryn became a monster, now that you can get below 75% duration you can get a giant amount of bonus damage without stacking any Power Strength.

At 75% Reduced Duration you deal the full Miasma damage in 1 Second, however, if you would deal the full Miasma Damage in theoretically half a second (Which would be at 87,5% duration Reduction) It rather than just hitting once for the normal full damage doubles since the initial skill damage always applies for a whole second.

This also means, that the further you stack your negative duration, the more damage you gain.

The current maximum Power Duration Reduction is at 60% from Fleeting Expertise + 27,5% from Transient Fortitude and 5% from the Arcane Chlora Helmet

A total of: 92,5% reduction, which means you reduce the initial 4 seconds of the skill down to 0,3 seconds.

This means you get a total of (1/0,3) = 333,33% bonus damage

That's without power strength.

Next up is the rest of the build, with the recent release of energy Regen mods and weapons (Red Fail & Teflon Soda mods/weapons) you can basically specialize on using 25 energy long range Ults on a regular basis, as long as your team mates fill your weapon exp bar.

As example, the Teflon Soda mod "Entropy Thirst" (See highlighted mod: will cause to regenerate 25% of your max energy pool every 2000 gathered exp, this means that any kills of team mates will quickly fill up your Energy

My current build for this is this:

*Fleeting Expertise *Transient Fortitude

For the reduced duration *Flow *Streamline For Continuous Ult use with Syndicate Mod/Wep *Stretch *Overextended For that extra Range *Intensify For a bit of extra Oompf and to counter Overextended damage reduction) *Vitality You know, you gotta make use of that Health-pool *Energy Siphon/Corrosive Projection Depending on what mission you run

You end up with a Giant Range ult, that will 1shot anything up to T4 Survival at 25 minutes for 25 energy. You will literally regenerate more energy than you can spend with a competent (And incompetent) Party, simply due to the Nature of the Syndicate weapons, this is even more insane if you have an exp booster Running, since it causes the Syndicate Mods and weapons to Proc twice as quickly.

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