HuffPo pulls a CNN x 10! Doxxes Twitter activist @AmyMek & family members' businesses! Ridiculous!

Well, their minds are twisted. They don't support the rape gangs, they just make excuses for the religion.

"That is a rare occurrence and of course we condem that practice but Islam is a religion of peace and love!"

"Gays being thrown off buildings is tragic but lets not forget, #NotAllMuslims"

"Grenade attacks in Sweden are just a part of life. It is in no way tied to Islam or the refugees that have moved there."

"The Headscarf is a symbol of women's power and we should celebrate it. Women choose to wear it and proudly!"

When you look at the stats, the radical muslims and their supporters number anywhere between 400 million to 600 million people. That is nearly a third of all Muslims being tyrannical and evil people. Then you get another 500 million who don't care what the bad ones do and neither support them or condem them. In my eyes, that's 1 billion out of 1.5 billion, who are worthless people. That leaves the last third who are genuinely good people for the most part but they are the minority and typically are spread out in Western countries or are themselves oppressed.

It needs to die as a religion/political entity or have a reformation like Christianity did. One other thing that really bothers me are athiests and Islam apologists who actually compare Christianity to Islam and say it was/is just as bad. No, no it wasn't. Jesus didn't go around raping people, being a pedo, and conquering everyone. He spread love, not hate. While western nations used Christianity as a means of conquest themselves, the religion itself wasn't meant to be a tool of war, while Islam IS.

As a history buff my biggest pet peeve is when people say Christians were the ones who started the beef with Islam. Pointing to the crusades. They don't care about history and just listen to SJWs who don't know what they are talking about. The Muslims genocided multiple people. Conquored the Arabs in the middle east who were Christian and/or Pagan and then moved onto Europe/Far east (particularly India). They conquered the Christian lands of Northern Africa, the Christian Holy Lands, and the Christian Anatolia (modern Turkey). Also, the Persians who historically had control of the Holy lands besides the Europeans were also Christian (and pagan) before they were conquered by the Muslims, so it was indeed Christian lands. They also spent 450 years invading deep into Europe and even taking over most of Spain and threatening the heart of France in the 700 ADs. The crusades were a response to Muslim aggression, all the way in the late 1090s.

Sorry for commenting on your post and spewing random facts but hopefully people learn something.

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