Husband cheated. Says he didn't mean it like that. Keep him or dump him?

We talked some more about it and he said that he didn’t cheat, that this was just porn, and nothing more, and that he would never cheat on me. ... I considered this cheating, and he said it wasn’t. I said, “but I feel that this is cheating” and he just started crying.

Is sexting and sending naked pictures to people allowed in your relationship? Because if not, then you are right, that is cheating, even if he didn't have sex with him. He won't even own up to what he did (and let's be honest, he probably was sleeping with him or other guys too).

Also, advice to anyone on here...don't fool around with a married man. Shouldn't even have to fucking say it.

To be fair, lots of couples have rules that would allow sexting or even sleeping with other people. Who knows what your husband told that guy - Geno might have thought your husband was single or that this was all allowed. It isn't his responsibility to know your rules and abide by it. Your husband is the one that fucked up.

As for what to do now - give it some time to think and cool down before filing for divorce, but if your husband won't own what he did, and you can't forgive him, then divorce is the right answer.

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