IAMA ED nurse and former local union president. I was fired in 4/20 and have won my job back with full back pay. The hospital was cited for labor violation in regard to my termination. AMA.

I’m happy for you you must feel so good about the win. I love the “all ships rise” at the end- needed to hear it.

I’m not a nurse but I always wondered if I would win(like you) due to my case also. I was bullied to no end by HR for speaking out about the extreme pest problem my previous job had, bed bugs and other insects crawling up everyone’s cubicle walls. Drove me through a bit of.. psychosis for a while. I was so sad over the daily harassment that I turned into a mere shell of the sparkling Kelly I used to be. I dream of getting my job back- I truly loved my job- but I quit and after a hardcore investigation, the HR team that bullied me were fired and all I got was indefinite unemployment for a whole year without denial and a free year of school at the career institute of my choice (chose medical coding). I have to vent I am so sorry. Heading back into the workforce soon.

Hey glad things worked out for you it was nice to read your story. Things might have been rough for you but you made it through. Happy New Years to you! Make 2022 your bitch!!!

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