“Idaho Kind” is a myth

This is exactly why we moved out the state as soon as we could. I grew up in Ohio, moved to Texas for a bit before settling in Idaho for 5 years. Never, ever, have I encountered such entitled, spoiled, and rude adults anywhere else in the states. At the beginning of covid, I was screamed at in a grocery store for wearing a mask (completely minding my own business), the man kept harassing me to the point that I hung out in customer service fearing for my children's safety.

We recently moved back to Ohio and I'm so happy to be surrounded by normal people again. I saw a pride flag outside my neighbor's home and I am so proud to live in a place where I don't have to fear for THEIR safety. In Idaho, they would absolutely be harassed and potentially have their home vandalized.

Idaho is not a nice place at all and anyone who thinks it is is sheltered from the real world.

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