If you are the woman who's dog was attacked by a bigger dog in Queen Alex this afternoon...

Thank you for all the links about the shocking dog attacks. You’ve proven my point wonderfully. IDGAF if you trained your dog or you had it trained for a million dollars and it shits unicorn fluff, dogs are dogs.

Most dogs are loving pack animals who just want scritches and boops and to be heckin near you, and then for whatever reason that one seemingly randomly attacks.

So to recap: Don’t be an arrogant twat and keep saying “Not MY dog”.

You can also find me many days, at some point, at a large off-leash on the North side. I’m not afraid of dogs, although I was a bit worried a larger-than-my-Lab German Shepard (he’s GORGEOUS!!) was going to hurt my girl (or himself) yesterday only because he kept bumping her hard as they ran and I didn’t want a popped hip or snapped tendon.

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