If Ronald Lee Moore did it, all of Jay's testimony is BS, right?

Im willing to entertain such a possibility. Here's my rough-draft theory: The judicial system makes a huge error that releases a rapist/murder back into the public. The system holds its breath hoping they can find this dude before he commits another similiar atrocity, which certainly would lead to a major media and victims advocacy shit storm, right? So ten days later, before they have any idea of where dude it as yet, they have a troubling missing persons case, a young Korean girl, just this guys type. But, there's no body yet, so hopefully she's run away to her dad's in california or some such innocuous situation. But damn if it turns out we let this guy out on a huge F up, and he went and killed this promising young girl before we could find him again, we are all in deep shit. Hoping its not dude, they do some checking around. There's no body yet so theres no crime, but we still need to find her alive if possible so we check in with her friends and family. Nobody knows much. Maybe she split to her Dads? is pretty much all they find out. So the cops put out an APB for her car, but they just cant seem to find it for six weeks in a residential section of the same area of town! (I guess stealing cars in Baltimore must be easy as shit, and those stolen from have zero chance of recovery) (or maybe they found it but were just hoping against hope she would show up in CA or her case forever remain a cold one, as long as her body was never located) Few weeks later Jay gets busted for drugs or robbery or some such issue. "Huh, you knew this missing girl Hae?" "Well, i knew friends of hers anyway". "Ok. Well heres a slap on the wrist, but keep outta trouble" ( That parts just conjexture, but just bear with me) Few more weeks later, SHIT. Mr S has found Hae. They DNA test and lie detector him, even though they are pretty sure its dude they fd up and let out. Her bra and skirt has been pushed up, possible signs of at least attempted rape, no sperm present or lesions in the right spots, but if you use a well lubed condom, there would be those things right? They do specimen collections, but never test them. The Justice system has a huge stake in this girl not having been killed and or raped by dude they let walk out the prison doors ten days before she went missing. Who "Really" did this then? Already ruled out Mr S, lets check out current boyfriend, Don. His stories a bit fishy, but his dad's a cop, no way we mess with him, blue sticks together. Ok, on to Adnan. He doesnt remember shit from that day, but he was hanging with that kid Jay we picked up and have some charges we let him slide on. Lets scare the shit outta Jay, and have him finger Adnan, the exboyfriend, who would have a hypothetical motive. Jay a bullshitter by nature, is told tell this story, and we wont send you to jail for that other shit we got you on earlier, a plausible motive sends a kid who cant fight back to jail, and no one finds out the JS let out a guy who killed again as soon as we fucked up and set him free. Now Jay, get out there and start planting this story, we will work out the time line so when we bring you in again to finally tape "Your Story", its all starting to come together. Dont think about baling out Jay, or we will come for you and fuck you up with even more trumped up charges from that thing you were doing a couple weeks ago. (in a White Van). But dont worry, you help us, we will help you. We will get you a lawyer for the trial, we will coach you the whole way, and you will walk away with no jail time. You were gonna have a Felony record one way or the other Jay, just now you dont go to jail. Alright? Cool. Now lets have you show us where her car is ok? Wink, wink. So Jay tells stories hez famous for, helpless Adnan gets framed, and no one knows how bad the Justice System fd up letting dude out, only to have him kill a young all american girl in her prime. They dont DNA test, they dont lie detector test, they put all evidential weight on Jays word and new cell phone technology that barely proves a whole lot.
This is just the way Im leaning. I welcome any thoughts on this theory.

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