I think i'm almost done as developer...

I'm in practically the same boat as you. Nearing 50, self-taught, front-end programmer, been doing this for 20+ years, in LA. I had 4 job offers after about 20 interviews in 2 weeks in my last search a few months ago. If you can't make it as a developer in LA, then something is really wrong. I also come from years of Angular experience, but in my last search I realized that nobody wants Angular anymore - they all want React with ES6. I spent a week frantically learning React and ES6, enough to take some coding challenges at home, and I let employers know I don't know React well but I'm willing to learn on the job. I also don't know a binary tree from a markov chain, and interviews that require that are a red flag because most front-end dev doesn't have anything to do with that, hell not even full-stack. It's also a sign that the interviewer doesn't really know what web development is about and is making you jump through hoops their professors in some overpriced college made them jump through that has nothing to do with web development. Consider those a bullet dodged. In a year or two you will read that those companies folded, probably because they were preoccupied with markov chains when they should have been focusing on actual web development and keeping ahead of their competition.

I'm also pretty exhausted by the ever-increasing footprint of developer job requirements and knowledge needed to get these jobs, but I suck it up and push forward and as much as I hate React and working under 30-somethings, I do it anyway because deep down I love programming, and I love getting paid.

Change your linked-in, change your resume, take off the crap about being self-taught, embellish, improve, learn React and ES6, reach out to every recruiter that you can. Reach out to companies directly, too. Los Angeles is absolutely rocking with web dev jobs right now, if you can't make it here then you simply aren't trying hard enough, or you are taking the wrong approach.

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