I'm disappointed, Simon...

"I already did. You're pretending I didn't because this entire conversation is a disingenuous game you're playing. A thin veneer of civility as a mask for contempt. You aren't engaging in a dialogue, you're executing a series of tactics designed to talk a point to death. Tactics like this are transparently obvious. You demand people repeat themselves because it allows you to assume control of the dialogue, and you say they refuse to talk if they don't accede to your pedantic and ultimately unreasonable demands. For someone trained in the "real world" you certainly have forgotten the basic stuff they teach in debate and rhetoric classes."

This is a great way to take up space without making or responding to an argument, well done.

"The two terms are synonymous. But i am not sure you realize what the actual argument I made was."

I did, it was just terrible and screamed "I read a list of logical fallacies so my pseudo-intellectualism is complete" since you used it incorrectly.

"Infantalizing will get you nowhere, Mr Civil And Reasonable Debate Tactics."

Yeah dude, that went out the window when you unironically said "I'm wealthy, talk to the hand"

"This is a really sloppy part of your debate tactics. You need to clean this up if you're going to do this again."

It's funny how you've run out of actual content of what I've said to respond to, so you're continuing along this line. Interesting.

"How did you put it? /r/Iamsosmart material?"

Let me just leave this quote here and let me giggle to myself at your complete lack of self awareness.

"A fan of coffee, both clarified and unclarified. I can competently make coffee via Siphon, Aeropress, Chemex, Aeropress, Swiss Gold drip, V60 and Woodneck. My daily coffee ritual was captured in a camera-demo music video here"

The LEVELS of self importance and smugness here. Holy moly it just gets more buttery the deeper the hole you dig yourself.

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