CMV: No one knows what the fuck they're talking about.

Just because some things people believe are silly, doesn't mean all things they believe are silly.

A lot of the opinions you mention (and you think are not based in reality) actually do have merit, because they are supported by serious evidence. For example, a number of whistleblowers leaked documents that prove the NSA is abusing people's privacy. I guess you could assume the whistleblowers are lying and the documents are fake, but then why does the government prosecute them for leaking secret documents?

Also have you seen actual statistics about police and racial discrimination? Although it is true that a lot of policemen are great people, it is also true that some of them are not, especially in more problematic departments. I don't know what you expect, the police force is made out of people and all groups of people are like that. Show me any group of humans that has no assholes in it - it's impossible. You might not have felt racial discrimination or brutality from the police, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Let me guess, you are not a black person living in the ghetto.

Fracking has shown to have damaging effect on the environment and especially the water table as it can contaminate underground water. In addition to that a lot of people are worried about global warming and want the development of alternative energy sources, not support new ways of getting more hydrocarbons to burn.

Monsanto has engaged in some shady practices in its history. For a more recent example, the World Health Organisation released a report a few days ago, stating that one of Monsanto products might be causing cancer. Instead of withdrawing it immediately from the market, Monsanto wants more reviews and research to be certain. Most people would prefer if they err on the side of public safety, even if it turns out the product was safe.

The Ice Bucket Challenge did raise a considerable amount of money for ALS research. Sure, it was silly, but who cares what the color of the cat is if it catches the mice.

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