A drunk man came to my door tonight unexpectedly, looking for sex...

Since my post showed up as removed I am copying it to paste as a comment for anyone that finds this:

...and I politely answered said door, declined his invitation, said goodnight and closed my door. The guy seemed surprised and acted like an asshole, telling me that I am no fun and that I suck, but I don't really give a shit.

I could have been massively offended by this behavior, and came here and made a post about how men feel like women are obligated to give them sex, so on and so forth, but I refuse to make myself a victim like most women on this subreddit do, you know, the ones who get offended and then come complain and cry about it and ask what they should do or rant about how gross/disgusting/evil men are. Dealing with people in awkward situations is part of life and sometimes, simple social protocol is the best and easiest solution. No reason to involve gender into it at all.

To be clear, this is a neighbor of mine, and I am friendly with him and his wife. At no point prior to this have I made any type of advance or indicated I was interested in him in any way, although he has asked me sexual questions before, like if I was straight, etc. Also, he was extremely, extremely drunk. People do dumb things when they are drunk, not necessarily just men.

I could go tell his wife what he did, I could have called the police when he knocked, I could report him to my property manager and tell them I feel unsafe, and all of those other things that women do when they are approached for sex or offered unwanted sex and it causes them to feel strange, sad, like a victim of the unwanted advance or whatever other nonsense. These types of feelings are mostly worthless and unnecessary and stem from the woman's inability or unwillingness to approach the subject head-on. I guess it was rather awkward, but other than that what occurred between this guy and I tonight will have no significance in my life. It does not frighten me to live near this man, and if the situation occurred again I would react the same way that I did tonight. I understand some women have a hard time facing men in this type of strange situation; they may feel uneasy about encountering them in the future and so they must oblige him; they might feel like they must avoid this man lest he attack them sexually, or lest they be forced to interact with him, explain to him why they said no, or just simply call him an asshole for what he did. I understand some women have a hard time saying no to men, not necessarily because the man poses a threat, but simply because they are not sure how to respond in awkward social settings and situations in general. But because of that lack of ability to deflect unwanted advances, some women end up going overboard with it, blaming the man for "making them feel that way" or "making them feel insecure" simply because they don't know how to say no and move on.

Ladies, it really is that simple. Say no. Be polite, but mean it. If the guy continues, as my neighbor did, repeat yourself, remain calm, don't back down, and just explain no, I am not interested, etc. and then seek to end the confrontation. Leave the room, leave the building, or shut your door, hang up your phone, whatever, and leave it at that. If he approaches you again,later that day, later that week, whatever, do the same thing; say no, tell him you aren't interested, remain polite, calm, and in control. Don't act uncomfortable, there's no reason to be uncomfortable. Treat the situation very factually, very scientifically. When a man is trying to get an emotional response from you, he is trying to manipulate you to act unsure of yourself. But really, there is no reason for this type of situation to have to be awkward or for a woman to feel uncomfortable in the first place. A man can ask, but that doesn't mean a woman will say yes. Leave it at that. If he continues or tries to insult you, repeat yourself again and again walk away. If you see this person repeatedly, like a coworker, or in my case a neighbor, there is no reason to treat him meanly, or to avoid him; in fact, avoiding him and acting weird around him may make him feel like he has some sort of control. Just be yourself; treat him normal; ask how his day was; how his kids are;, etc. The more normal you act around him, the more he will realize he cannot manipulate your feelings and eventually lose interest.

So, instead of taking this advance from this drunk man as a personal insult, or as an act of aggression, or as a threat, or as something I will carry with me and ponder over for the remaining weeks and months that I live here, instead of consulting this subreddit on what I should do or how I should protect myself, or pumping myself up with "women should not have to deal with this type of thing just because men want sex" type of bs, I did something different.

Instead what I chose to do was act like a mature, rational person, make it clear to this man by speaking clearly and not hesitating or backing down when he started being a jerk, and end any conflict before it began by saying goodnight and shutting the door. Am I going to dwell on this incident? No, not at all, I personally probably have less fucks to give about what this guy thinks about me than he will have tomorrow when he realizes what an asshole he was. Will I bring this incident up to him in the future? No, why would I? He was drunk and did something dumb, I handled the situation appropriately, and that was that. Everyone does stupid things, I'm not going to hold it against the guy. In fact, he probably will feel more awkward and more like an asshole over the situation than I will tomorrow. Will I be disturbed by the fact that a man found me attractive enough to approach for sex? No, dealing with unwanted attraction does not make you a victim of any sort, and it is a normal, everyday scenario that women need to deal with just like they would any other type of awkward social situation. You can respond kindly while still making it clear you are not interested. Sure, the guy may respond and call you a bitch or whatever, but that's just an attempt to make you question weather you care about his opinion or not. If you care enough about his opinion that you feel like you must give him sex in order for him to have a good opinion of you, then that is obviously a major character flaw in yourself. Some women feel victimized when they are approached for unwanted sex, mainly because they do not know how to deal with it effectively and mainly because they don't want the man to think negatively of them for declining sex. Honestly when that guy wakes up tomorrow, he may think I am a massive bitch and if he does so what, it would just make him less likely to ever approach me that way again. On the other hand, he may actually have a little more respect for me for refusing him in such a tactful manner. The fact that he approached me for sex when he was drunk in itself doesn't really bother me; men are allowed to indicate interest in women, they are not obligated to wait until a woman gives them some sort of approval to do so like some women in this thread seem to indicate.

Anyway, I don't subscribe to this subreddit I just see posts on here every once in a while from the home page. I hate seeing posts where a woman says something along the lines of, "I have a "male acquaintance/coworker/whatever who is expressing interest in me; i don't know what to say/how to make it stop/how to tell him I am not interested/etc. what should I do?" Followed by a thread of comments telling her to report the man to the police, report him to the company boss, report him to the teacher, get him fired from his job, file charges against him, etc. when the simple thing would be to tell this type of girl to just face the issue head-on, tell the guy why she feels uncomfortable, and make sure he understands that the advances are unwanted, unappreciated and she is not interested. Also, this can be done in a nice, friendly, mature, polite way, and that usually is the best way. Being unnecessarily mean and cruel could backfire and is just honestly mean and unnecessary. There's nothing wrong with men expressing interest (unless they are married)- and there's nothing wrong with a woman declining the interest shown to her either- unless she just acts mean about it.

Just another perspective...

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