I'm getting mixed signals from him and me and my anxiety need some help with perspective.

if I should have kept sending messages with no reply

I did this. The first month, I was sending daily texts msgs. We're ldr. The second and third month, I send him msgs almost a few times a week. The last msg I sent him has an interval of 17 days, then I got a reply.

I just knew he was suffering. It was tough. I was crying almost every night, day, in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and while working.

When he came back, I did not press him for more explanation.

This all happened from June - September. We've continued texting from then on. His replies are inconsistent and he's not always present.

A week ago, I woke up suddenly feeling a pain in my stomach while thinking about him. So I texted him if it's just my brain or if his feelings have changed. He said it's not his feelings for me. It's he can't give the happiness I deserved, and so "better to end things"

I did not reply or msg him after that.

I'd say it depends on a lot of factors if you'll want to wait or not. I love this man so much he doesn't need to give me the world. But I was met with "end things" and if it's what's he needs. I'll try to be okay to move on.

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