I'm new in this and I have a few questions.

When everybody can all use "thewinningcointm" is when everyone will see the benefits. For example me and a korean friend exchanged bitcoin as payment instead of having to worry about different currency exchanges. We didn't need any approval process. Was pretty cool. A government approved CBD would do something similar, but you may have heard that china might be putting an expiry date on their digital money. Which is horrifying.

Something you might not appreciate if you live in a first world country is that having bitcoin can make you feel a little more secure knowing that you have some of your savings not tied to how well your countries currency is doing, and that at least right now no one can easily take it away from you either.

An example of a pretty simple extension of crypto is my reddit avatar. Somehow everybody hates these things even though to me it's like having a pokemon card.

The best crypto projects are Bitcoin and Ethereum currently. You may want to look up other crypto projects that have survived over the years. Personally I haven't been buying anything else, but litecoin, dogecoin, and Ada have survived thus far. Polygon is what reddit chose to mint NFTs on, so maybe that's safe? But bear in mind that if you really are new to this, alts are scary. Even holding just BTC you might have the value drop by 50% in like 2 weeks and then only slowly recover for months. Stairs up, elevator down.

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